Cutts - Paddleford Cemetery

Located on the North side of Clay Hill Road (T.R. 15)- 2 miles from US 5. Located beyond the North Hartland Dam this cemetery has a beautiful view to the east looking into New Hampshire.

Cutts - Paddleford Cemetery Facts

ID Num.
Map ID
Cemetery Name
Cutts - Paddleford
Town, County, State
Hartland, Windsor, VT
Nearest Road
Clay Hill Road (TR 15)     Map
N from the road.
Tele. pole
Tax Map, Plat, Lot
Deed book: page
Cemetery Size
169 x 125 feet
Number of Stones
Still Exists
stone wall
Sign Condition
Cem. Condition
Oldest Stone
Newest Stone
43.601090 / -72.380880

Cutts - Paddleford Cemetery Directory

There are 183 stones in this directory.

Alexander, Abraham17971825
Alexander, Abraham1768s/o Quartus & Mary
Alexander, Anna1844
Alexander, Anna (Cutts)1845w/o Consider Alexander
Alexander, Asa1812
Alexander, Azubah18221840d/o Hezekiah & Sarah B. Alexander
Alexander, Clarissa (Taylor)1794w/o Quartus Alexander
Alexander, Clarissa1814d/o Quartus & Clarissa
Alexander, Consider1859h/o Anna
Alexander, Eldad1829h/o Mary
Alexander, Elias
Alexander, Hezekiahs/o Eldad & Mary
Alexander, James1852s/o Elias and Mary Alexander
Alexander, Lydia17991812d/o Quartus & Mary
Alexander, Mary17571849w/o Eldad Alexander
Alexander, Maryw/o Elias
Alexander, Mary1865w/o H. S. Alexander
Alexander, Mary1867w/o H. S. Alexander
Alexander, Quartush/o Clarissa
Alexander, Sarah17991850w/o H. S. Alexander
Alexander, Susan17331826d/o Doct. Eldred & Mary Alexander
Alexander, Susanna1812d/o Quartus & Mary
Alexander, Tirzah1832d/o Hezekiah & Sarah B.
Alexander, Tirzah1784d/o Doct. E. & M. Alexander
Badger, Caleb17781859h/o Persis
Badger, Persis (Russ)17811819w/o Caleb Badger
Barrett/Bennett, Martha1866w/o Elisha Russ & w/o Wm. Barrett
Barron, Hannah1882widow of Moses
Barron, Jonathan1819s/o Moses & Hannah
Barron, Mary1822d/o Moses & Hannah
Barron, Mehitable1819d/o Moses & Hannah
Barron, Mosesh/o Hannah
Billings, Dorcas1825w/o Willard
Billings, Myra (Willard)1827w/o Nathan
Billings, Nathan1818h/o Myra
Billings, Willard1855h/o Dorcas
Case, Lucina1800w/o Charles Case
Case, Lucinda1800w/o Charles Case
Chandler, Samuel1803s/o Moses & Zuba
Child, Mary1814w/o Harba
Coe, Edward1812s/o Levi & Ollive Fluella Coe
Cory, Patty1820w/o Timothy
Cory, Timothy1826h/o Patty
Cross, Bethuel1794s/o Capt. Bethuel & Electa
Cross, Electa (Taylor)1793consort of Bethuel Cross
Cutts, Charles18481863
Cutts, Edward17981838h/o Mary
Cutts, Elizabeth
Cutts, Elizabeth1834d/o Hampden & Mary P. S. Cutts
Cutts, Hampden1875
Cutts, Hampden1848
Cutts, Mary1840w/o Edward
Cutts, Mary (Pepperell)1848
Cutts, Mary1882d/o Edward & Mary
Cutts, Mary1882d/o Edward & Mary
Cutts, William1853
Cutts, William1818
Davison, Dan1821h/o Martha
Davison, Martha (Goodell)1825w.o Deacon Dan Davison
Davison, Paul1795
Denison, Amos1834
Evans, Arad1848h/o Belinda
Evans, Belinda1856w/o Arad
Evans, Chloe1788w/o Moses
Evans, Eunice1804d/o Joseph
Evans, Horace1865
Evans, Joanna1812w/o Joseph, d/o Samuel & Anna Taylor
Evans, Joseph1827h/o Joanna
Evans, Josephene1827
Evans, Mosesh/o Chloe
Goodrich, Cynthia1853w/o Elzear
Jennings, Infants/o Wm. & Jane Jennings
Jennings, Infants/o Wm. & Jane Jennings
Jennings, Infants/o Wm. & Jane Jennings
Lawton, Alonzo1849
Lawton, Catherine1858w/o Thomas
Lawton, Fanny1823w/o George
Lawton, George1860h/o Fanny
Lawton, Martha1804d/o Thomas & Sarah
Lawton, Mary1816w/o Thomas
Lawton, Mary1804d/o Thomas & Sarah
Lawton, Polly1796d/o Thomas & Sarah
Lawton, Sarah1841w/o Dea. Thomas
Lawton, Sarah1881w/o Thomas
Lawton, Thomas1828h/o Mary
Lawton, Thomas1797s/o Thomas & Sarah
Lawton, Thomas1828s/o George & Fanny
Lawton, Thomas1880h/o Sarah
Lawton, William1784s/o Thomas & Mary
Lee, Chloe (Newell)1856w/o Josiah Lee
Lee, Elias1812
Lee, Elias1812
Lee, Erastus1809
Lee, Joanna1825w.o Zebulon
Lee, Josiah1860
Lee, Josiah1856h/o Chloe
Lee, Mary1810w/o Zebulon
Lee, Rhodolphus1785s/o Zebulon
Lee, Rinaldo1817s/o Zebulon & Rachel
Lee, Roswell1808s/o Zebulon & Mary
Lee, Zebulon1833h/o Mary
Liscomb, Anna1814w/o Thomas
Liscomb, Mary1842w/o Thomas Liscomb
Liscomb, Thomas1887h/o Mary
Liscomb, Thomas1833
Maine, Betsey1805d/o Stephen & Sally
Maine, Sally1803w/o Stephen
Maine, Sally1812d/o Stephen & Betsey
Manning, Aaron1827h/o Lydia
Manning, Lydia1818w/o Aaron
Marcy, Chester
Marcy, Lucy1797d/o Chester
Mathews, Ruth1803w/o Arthur
Paddleford, George1867
Paddleford, George1855s/o John & Sarah
Paddleford, James18321895
Paddleford, John18221885h/o Sarah
Paddleford, Olive1887w/o Samuel
Paddleford, Samuel1858h/o Olive
Paddleford, Sarah (Lamberton)18241879w/o John S.
Petrie, Abigail1829w/o James
Petrie, Abigail1818d/o James & Abigail
Petrie, James1923h/o Abigail
Richardson, Asa1792s/o Jeremiah & Hannah
Richardson, Hannah1855w/o Jeremiah
Richardson, Jeremiah1834h/o Hannah
Richardson, Martha1812d/o Jeremiah & Hannah
Russ, Elisha1842
Russ, Martha1866w.o Enias
Short, Belinda (Child)1806w/o William
Short, Belinda1823d.o William & Belinda
Short, Pamelia1816w/o William
Spooner, Abigail (Munroe)1843w/o Daniel Spooner, Esq.
Spooner, Anna1862
Spooner, Daniel1838
Spooner, Daniel1828
Spooner, Daniel
Spooner, Hannah1863
Spooner, Lydia1839w/o Walter
Spooner, Mary1835d/o Walter & Lydia
Spooner, Mrs1918w/o Daniel
Spooner, Paul
Spooner, Ruggles1863
Spooner, Sophia1830w/o Daniel
Strong, Phineas1822
Sumner, John1799
Sumner, Sally1822w/o Dea. Willian Sumner
Sumner, William1844
Sumner, Zerviah1807w/o William
Taylor, Annaw/o Samuel Taylor
Taylor, Asa1816
Taylor, Dinah1825w/o Asa Taylor
Taylor, George1775s/o Asa & Dinah Taylor
Taylor, Henry1881
Taylor, Infant1815s/o Alvan & Orpha
Taylor, Joseph1805
Taylor, Louis17951796s/o Elias & Zuba
Taylor, Mary1876w/o Samuel
Taylor, Oliver
Taylor, Oliver17481797h/o Abigail Sprague
Taylor, Sally1780d/o Asa & Dinah
Taylor, Samuel1860h/o Mary
Taylor, Samuel1872h/o Sophia
Taylor, Samuel1773s/o Asa & Dinah
Taylor, Samuel1800
Taylor, Sophia1878w/o Samuel Taylor
Webster, Elizabeth1800d/o Moses & Elizabeth
Webster, Elizabeth1837w/o Moses
Webster, Moses1844h/o Elizabeth
Whitaker, infantd/o B. R& S. W. Whitaker
Whitaker, Infantd/o B. R. & S. W. Whitaker
Wilder, Harriet1833
Willard, Charles18061845h/o Myranda
Willard, Georges/o Charles & Miranda
Willard, Myranda1854w/o Charles
Willard, Myranda1838
Willard, Oliver
Willard, Rodolphus1814
Willard, Thankful1798w/o Oliver
Wood, Lydia1869w/o Nathaniel
Wood, Nathaniel1833h/o Lydia
Wood, Rodolphus18271893h/o Louisa (Billings) Wood
Wright, Asa1838