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Jenneville Cemetery

At the corner of Jenneville Road and French Hill Road. Full of wildflowers in the summer. This small cemetery is well maintained.

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Jenneville Cemetery Facts

ID Num.
Map ID
Cemetery Name
Town, County, State
Hartland, Windsor, VT
Nearest Road
Jenneville Road     Map
Tele. pole
Tax Map, Plat, Lot
Deed book: page
Cemetery Size
Number of Stones
Still Exists
Sign Condition
Cem. Condition
Oldest Stone
Newest Stone
43.534586 / -72.489281

Jenneville Cemetery Directory

There are 445 stones in this directory.

, R0401Stone Post
, R1103unmarked stone
, R1107unmarked stone
, R1113unmarked stone
, R1115unmarked stone
, R1205unmarked stone
, R1206unmarked stone
, R1302unmarked stone
, R1304unmarked stone
, R1309unmarked stone
, R1601unmarked stone
, R1701unmarked stone
, R1702unmarked stone
, R1708broken stone
, R1801unmarked stone
, R1802unmarked stone
, R2005unmarked stone
, R2006Stone BW
, R2011unreadable stone
, R2101unmarked stone
, R2102unmarked stone
, R2103unmarked stone
, C1401Unmarked
, 1830C1303Unmarked
, C1101BPOE Iron Marker
, C1007Broken Stone
, C1005Broken Stone
, C1002Unknown
, C1001Broken Stone
, C0806unmarked stone
, L1801unmarked stone
, L1601Could not read
, L1306broken stone
, C1501Unmarked
, C1601Unknown
, C1602Unknown
, C1701Small Stone
, C1702Small Stone
, C1703Small Stone
, C1704Small Stone
, C1802Unknown
, C1803Unknown
, C1804Unknown
, C1806Unknown
, C2002Unknown
, C2003Unknown
, C2004Unknown
, C2005Unknown
, C2006Unknown
, C2007Unknown
, C2008Unknown
, C2009Unknown
, C2011Unknown
, C2012Unknown
, C2101Unknown
, C2103Unknown
, C2108Unknown
, C2109Unknown
, C2110Unknown
, C2111Unknown
, C2114Unknown
, C2117Unknown
, BabyL0805
Abbott, Hattie (Chambers)18611916L1203w/o S.S. Abbott
Abbott, Solon1857L1204h/o Hattie Chambers
Adams, Charles1865R1806
Adams, Clarence1864R1807s/o C & A.M. Adams
Adams, Daniel1817R1818s/o John & Louisa Adams
Adams, David1869R1817
Adams, Hannah1864R1815w/o Wm. A. Adams
Adams, John1847R1816
Adams, Wm.1860R1814
Alexander, Asa1854C0302s/o Foster T & Mary Alexander
Alexander, Charles1912L1106
Alexander, Charlotte (Bagley)1897L1105w/o C. O. Alexander
Alexander, Clarence1863L1107
Alexander, Elmer1892L1108
Alexander, Etta1892L1109
Alexander, Foster1893C0305
Alexander, Mary (Walker)1873C0304w/o Foster T. Alexander
Alexander, Sarah (Lyman)1895C0303w/o Foster T. Alexander
Alfonse, R0501
Alfonse, Ellison19101982R0601
Alfonse, Jules19112000R0602
Backus, Elizabeth (Adams)18281904R1813w/o Wesley C. Backus
Bagley, Abigail1845R1805w/o John Bagley
Bagley, Arnold18291910L0103
Bagley, Asahel1849R1905
Bagley, Ella18531934R1608
Bagley, Frederick18411939R1609
Bagley, Lucinda1860C1203w/o Frederick Bagley
Bagley, Mary1844R1906w/o Asahel Bagley
Bagley, William18381926L0201
Banks, Daisy19201998C1901
Barnes, Anna (Stronagh)1894L0802
Barnes, William18311878L0801
Bean, Augustus1837C2102s/o Joshua & Mary L Bean
Bowman, Delia1867R1301
Bryant, Jon1850R1209
Bryant, Nancy (Rood)1877R1210w/o Jonathan Bryant
Burk, George18101855C0904s/o Jona. & Polly Burk
Burk, Jona1861C0906
Burk, JonathanC0903
Burk, Polly1875C0905w/o Jona Burk
Burke, Cyrus1893L0704
Burke, Francis18631925L0704
Burke, J.18391897L0908
Burke, M (Crosby)18891926L0902w/o W. Wallace Burke
Burke, Marion1849C0803
Burke, Mary1885L0907w/o JPH Burke
Burke, Milton19061968L1402
Burke, Putman1881L0906
Burke, Sarah (Cabot)18391911L0704w/o Cyrus P. Burke
Burke, Wallace18421918L0902h/o Mary J (Crosby) Burke
Burke, ___18881899L1401s/o J.O. Burke
Cabot, Betsey1846R1005
Cabot, Charlotte (Marcy)1907L0402w/o George D. Cabot
Cabot, Dean1895R1007
Cabot, Frances1831R1401
Cabot, Francis1844C1603Jr.
Cabot, George1841R1001
Cabot, George1818R1004s/o George & Mary Cabot
Cabot, George1889L0401
Cabot, Gratia1890R1006d/o George and Mary Cabot
Cabot, Irene1908R1009w/o Dean Cabot
Cabot, Lucia1861L1104
Cabot, Marcy1844R1402w/o Frances Cabot
Cabot, Mary1854R1002w/o George Cabot
Cabot, Mary1832R1003d/o George & Mary Cabot
Cabot, Mary1856R1008w/o Dean Cabot
Cabot, Sebastion17991833R1403
Chambers, Lucy18371916C1205
Chambers, Wm.1865C1204
Chandler, Jane18261873C0301
Chandler, M19611948C0301
Chandler, Willie18471876C0301
Clark, Sally1795C2115w/o Thomas Clark
Clark, ThomasC2116
Crosby, AlbertC1206
Crosby, Betsey1866C1207w/o Ebenezer Crosby
Crosby, Ebenezer1876C1208h/o Betsey Crosby
Crosby, Ebnr.1825C1216
Crosby, FrankC1206
Crosby, Mary1840C1217w/o Ebnr Crosby
Crosby, Oliver1828C1213s/o Ebenezer & Betsey Crosby
Crosby, Rebecca1810C1215d/o Ebnr & Mary Crosby
Cushman, Elizabeth1858R1208w/o Charles JF Cushman
Danforth, Barnett1813C2112
Danforth, William1813C2113
Davis, Huldah1889L0105Mother
Davis, Jonathan1869R1602
Davis, Sarah1873R1605
Davis, Sophia (Lull)1889R1603
Dodge, Elizabeth1881C1405d/o Parker & Mary Dodge
Dodge, Elizabeth1838C1402w/o Grover Dodge
Dodge, Mary (Blair)1863C1406w/o Parker Dodge
Dodge, Parker1804C1404s/o Parker & Mary Dodge
Dodge, Parker1846C1407
Dodge, Susan18221888C1403
Dunsmoor, Alva18481938L03Ah/o Ada C. Taylor
Dunsmoor, Bertha18811882L03A
Dunsmoor, Harold18851923L03A
Dunsmoor, Martha18901978L03A
Dunsmoor, Walter18551874L03A
Dunsmore, Ada (Taylor)18531927L03Aw/o Alva P. Dunsmore
Durphy, Edward1911L0803
Durphy, Mary (Stronach)L0804
French, Charles18211897L1001
French, Ernest1872L1003s/o C.H. and L.A. French
French, George1856L1006
French, Laura (Bagley)18271904L1002
French, Milo18631929L1007
Furber, Benjamin1890R1607
Furber, Lois1881R1606
Gates, Serah1868R1808
Gill, Charles18221913L1602h/o Phila D. Lasure
Gill, Phila (Lasure)18371901L1602w/o Charles N. Gill
Gould, Alvah1883R1307
Gould, Naomi1858R1308w/o Alvah Gould
H., J.R2106
H., S.R2105
Hale, Addie (Burke)18591936L0606
Hale, Clara18861886L0606
Hale, Clara1886L0604
Hale, Cora18861910L0606
Hale, CoraL0605
Hale, Gusamalma1858L0603d/o Orlin and Martha Hale
Hale, Hepsy (Chapin)1874L0702w/o Samuel Hale
Hale, Lee18861968L0609
Hale, Martha (Hubbard)18251904L0602w/o Orlin Hale
Hale, Marvin18541928L0606
Hale, Orlin1875L0601h/o Martha Hubbard
Hale, Rhonda18171895L0703
Hale, Samuel1876L0701
Hoadley, Elias1843R2109
Hoadley, Jesse1815R2110s/o Elias & Sally Hoadley
Hoadley, Mary (Stone)17371818C0801w/o Thomas Hoadley
Hoadley, Mehitable1864w/o Elias Hoadley
Hoadley, Sarah (French)17731816R2108w/o Elias Hoadley
Hoadley, Thomas17371829C0802h/o Mary Hoadley
Hutchinson, Lem18571922L0904
Jaquith, Abigail1852R0902w/o Josiah Jaquith
Jaquith, Anna1865R0903w/o Josiah Jaquith
Jaquith, Anna1865R0905d/o Josiah & Anna Jaquith
Jaquith, Benjamin1810R0906
Jaquith, Edwin1879R0701
Jaquith, FitereR0907
Jaquith, Henry18411897R0804
Jaquith, Josiah1868R0901
Jaquith, Leon18761959R0702
Jaquith, Leon19421976R0704
Jaquith, Marshall1884R0801
Jaquith, Mary1895R0802w/o Marshall Jaquith
Jaquith, Nathan18061893R0909
Jaquith, Phebe1858R0904
Jaquith, Sarah1887R0908w/o Nathan Jaquith
Jaquith, Susan18791963R0703
Jaquith, Wesley18331896R0910
Jenne, AddieC0405
Jenne, Albert18521925C0404h/o Lilla M. Jenne
Jenne, Alfred19091996L0101
Jenne, Allen1815C1604s/o Lot and Olive Jenne
Jenne, Birdie1882C058Sd/o HN &FD Jenne
Jenne, Danny19501969L0103
Jenne, Ezra1810C1505s/o Lot and Olive Jenne
Jenne, Frances (Washburn)1877C058Sw/o HN Jenne
Jenne, Henry1905C058S
Jenne, Jennie18661926C0502
Jenne, Lilla18521915C0403w/o Albert Jenne
Jenne, Lot1805C1605s/o Lot and Olive Jenne
Jenne, Louis1805C1606d/o Lot and Olive Jenne
Jenne, Lucinda1817C1502d/o N & S Jenne
Jenne, Lucy1858C0504
Jenne, Minnie19081979L0102w/o Alfred Jenne
Jenne, Nathaniel1872C058Wh/o Wealthy G Rood
Jenne, Nathaniel18661930C0505
Jenne, Nathaniel1868C1504
Jenne, NoahC1607
Jenne, Olive1817C1506w/o Lot Jenne
Jenne, Ruth19022001L0104
Jenne, SC0402
Jenne, SC0401
Jenne, Samuel1802C1608
Jenne, Sarah (Jaquith)18311901C0503
Jenne, Sarah1848C1503w/o Nathaniel Jenne
Jenne, Sebastian18211901C0503
Jenne, Walter18561918C0501
Jenne, Wealthy1845C058Wd/o NH & WG Jenne
Jenne, Wealthy (Rood)1876C058Ww/o Nathaniel Jenne
Jenne, WealthyC0408
Johnston, Thomas19531998C1801
Kenyon, Albert18531919C0103h/o Mattie O. Weeden
Kenyon, Mattie (Weeden)18651951C0103w/o Albert Kenyon
Kingsley, Cordelia18921980L1504
Kingsley, David19381953L1502
Kingsley, Frank18891956L1503
Kingsley, Olive18691925L1501
Kittredge, Lucinda1851C0805d/o Nathan and Betsy Kittredge
Kittredge, Nathan1840C0807
Leech, Emma1848R1405d/o Jeremiah & Susan D Leech
Leech, Susan1849R1404w/o Jeremiah Leech
Lull, Marcia (Burk)18281907C0702w/o Robert B. Lull
Lull, Susannah1862C0703w/o Titus Lull
Lull, Titus1844C0704h/o Susannah Lull
M, MR2104
Mace, Elizabeth1838R1306w/o Trustam Mace
Mace, NathanR1310
Mace, Trustam1847R1305
Marcy, Asenath1871R1904w/o Willard Marcy
Marcy, Lydia1839R1902w/o Willard Marcy
Marcy, Willard1849R1901
Marcy, Willard1872R1903
Marrary, Polly1809R1804w/o David Marray
McGookin, Charles18741958L1403
McGookin, MabelL1404
Mercure, Ernest19172002R0202
Miller, Jeremy1817C0907
Morrison, Adaline (Davis)18331894R1604w/o Lorenzo Morrison
Morrison, Alma1852R1705d/o MF and CS Morrison
Morrison, Caroline19301893R1704w/o M.F. Morrison
Morrison, Chloe1852R1812w/o Daniel Morrison
Morrison, Daniel1839R1811
Morrison, David1826R1809
Morrison, Eva1871R1710d/o MF and CS Morrison
Morrison, Galo1853R1706s/o MF and CS Morrison
Morrison, Galon1869R1709s/o MF and CS Morrison
Morrison, M18251905R1703
Morrison, Margaret1843R1810w/o David Morrison
Morrison, Milo1860R1707s/o MF and CS Morrison
Morrison, Robert1802R1803
Murphy, Sarah18481920L0905
Perkins, Alice18531919L1305
Pierce, Albert18341914R0301
Pierce, Rosanna (Menter)1837R0301w/o Albert P. Pierce
Pratt, Achsa1872C1008w/o Moses Pratt
Pratt, David1818
Pratt, Helen1831C1010d/o Evatrina? P & Wm. B. Pratt
Pratt, Lucy1845C1004w/o Moses Pratt
Pratt, Lucy1848C1003d/o ___ Pratt
Pratt, Martha1834C1301
Pratt, Mary1845C1304w/o David Pratt
Pratt, Moses1877C1009
Pratt, Polly1824C1302
R, EC2104
Reeve, Frank1872C0105
Reeve, Margaret18221907C0104
Rice, Caroline1839R1106
Rice, Cassie (Shattuck)18681912R1112
Rice, David1871R1104
Rice, Eliakim1834R1101
Rice, Ellen (Jaquith)18361907R1110w/o Luther Rice
Rice, Hanaih1827R1102w/o Eliakim Rice
Rice, Harold18991963R1114
Rice, John1813R1108
Rice, Luther18341895R1109
Rice, Luther18601935R1111
Rice, Patience1869R1105w/o David Rice
Robinson, Elizabeth (Sherwin)18471900L1406
Robinson, Joseph18451923L1405h/o Elizabeth Sherwin
Rood, Adelaide (Hemenway)18351896R1207w/o Lenyantis H. Rood
Rood, Almira1830C1006Miss
Rood, Catherin1839R1204d/o Henry & Betsey Rood
Rood, Evelyn18541867R1207d/o Lenryantis and Evelyn Rood
Rood, H.1833R1201
Rood, Henry1839R1202
Rood, Lenryantis18251896R1207
S, CC2106
Sawyer, Bernard19152004R0105
Sawyer, Frank18591948R0103
Sawyer, Freddie18991910R0102
Sawyer, Horace19051986R0101
Sawyer, Lewis19031982R0104
Sawyer, Lewis19031982R0201
Sawyer, Margaret (Brunor)19262002R0105w/o Bernard Sawyer
Sawyer, Myrtle19121973R0104w/o Lewis Sawyer
Seaver, Daniel1905L1301
Seaver, Emma1849L1304
Seaver, May1882L1303d/o Daniel and Siley Seaver
Seaver, Siley (Tarble)1881L1302
Shattuck, Edith (Burk)18841900L0901w/o _ H Shattuck
Simonds, Charles1833C2105s/o John & Agenath Simonds
Smith, Ebenezer1859C0804
Souther, Maria (Whitaker)18231915C1102w/o Joseph A. Souther
Spear, Clarence1855L1702s/o George S. and Clarissa H.
Spear, Clarissa (Weeden)1874L1703w/o George C. Spear
Spear, George1887L1704
Spear, Joshua1869C0110
Spear, Lucia1850R0803w/o Joshua Spear Jr.
Spear, Oscar1855L1701s/o George and Clarissa W. Spear
Spear, Sybbel1850C0109w/o Joshua Spear
Spear, William1851L1702s/o George S. and Clarissa H. Spear
T, JC2107
Tarble, CrosbyC1214s/o Jonas and Susan Tarble
Tarble, Eli1848C1201
Tarble, GeorgeC1212s/o ___ Tarble
Tarble, George1905L1201h/o Marilla Hosington
Tarble, Jonas1865C1210
Tarble, Jonas1835C2010
Tarble, Lucia1850C12111d/o SH & J Tarble
Tarble, Marilla (Hoisington)1893L1202w/o George Tarble
Tarble, Siley1867C1202w/o Eli Tarble
Tarble, Susan1873C1209w/o Jonas Tarble
Taylor, Frederick18271896L03Ah/o Lucetta E.
Taylor, Lucetta18331896L03Aw/o Frederick P. Taylor
Thomas, Betsey1854C0901w/o Peleg (Pohog) Thomas
Thomas, Peleg18C0902
Tuxbury, Jacob1819R1303
Walker, Asa17921851C1805
Walker, Caroline18121891L0202w/o W.W. Bagley
Walker, Chloe1869C1808w/o Asa Walker
Walker, Ida (French)18651940L1005
Walker, Ido18581920L1005
Walker, Lydia18421918L0104w/o Zina Walker
Walker, Moses1863C1807s/o A & C Walker
Walker, Zina18391904L0104h/o Lydia Walker
Washburn, Addie (Cabot)1883L0403
Washburn, FatherC0506
Washburn, MotherC0507
Washburn, Rufus1883C058E
Washburn, Sarah (Person)1881C058Ew/o Rutus Washburn
Watres, Alexaner1804C1705
Weeden, Benjamin18351921C0701h/o Sarah A. (Shaw) Weeden
Weeden, Betsey1827R2007
Weeden, Dana18461918C0202
Weeden, Elizabeth (Spear)1912C0102w/o William Weeden
Weeden, Eva18521925L1004
Weeden, George18451902C0201
Weeden, Jeremiah1877R2010
Weeden, Lucia18451867C0604d/o Samuel Weeden Jr.
Weeden, Lucy1798C1904consort of Mr. Samuel Weeden
Weeden, Marcella18471864C0603d/o Samuel Weeden Jr.
Weeden, Martha1873R2009w/o Samuel Weeden
Weeden, Mary1916R2002w/o Samuel Weeden Jr.
Weeden, Mary1853R2003w/o Samuel Weeden
Weeden, Mary1824R2004d/o Martha & Samuel Weeden
Weeden, Molly1815C1906w/o Thomas Weeden
Weeden, MyronC0203s/o William & Lizzie Weeden
Weeden, Polly1838R2008
Weeden, Samuel1870R2009
Weeden, Samuel18221901C0601
Weeden, Samuel1821C1905
Weeden, Sarah (Shaw)18341911C0701w/o Benjamin F. Weeden
Weeden, Selemna (Dolton)18191903C0602w/o Samuel Weeden Jr.
Weeden, Simeon1848R2001
Weeden, Thomas1824C1907Ensign
Weeden, William1906C0101
Welch, Ralph19141996C2001Unknown
Whitaker, Asa1853R1506
Whitaker, Belinda1837C1104d/o D & M Whitaker
Whitaker, Charles1877C1109
Whitaker, Charles1880L1101
Whitaker, Daniel1858C1106h/o Marcy Whitaker
Whitaker, Dolly1850C1112w/o John Whitaker
Whitaker, Ellen (Bagley)1918L1102w/o Charles W. Whitaker
Whitaker, Frederick1852C1107s/o Charles & Zernah Whitaker
Whitaker, John1850C1113
Whitaker, Laura1847R1505w/o Asa Whitaker
Whitaker, Marcy1858C1105w/o Daniel Whitaker
Whitaker, Maria1814C1111d/o John & Dolly Whitaker
Whitaker, Otto18711947L1103s/o Charles and Ellen Whitaker
Whitaker, Roxey1825C1110
Whitaker, Zeruah (Beckwith)1891C1108w/o Charles Whitaker
White, Helen (Spear)1889C0106w/o John White - former w/o Samuel Williams
Whitney, Betsey1875R1203w/o Sylvester Whitney & formerly wife of Henry Rood
Willard, Addie1872C058Nd/o CJ & EM Willard
Willard, Clinton1918C058N
Willard, Edna18901911C068N
Willard, Edna1879C058N
Willard, Elizabeth (Jenne)1910C058Nw/o Clinton J. Willard
Willard, Lorinda1839R1504
Willard, Mary1818R1502w/o Simeon Willard
Willard, Mary (Wooley)18691910C068Nw/o Nathaniel C. Willard
Willard, Nathaniel18681915C068N
Willard, Olive1854R1503w/o Simeon Willard
Willard, Pearl18801947C068S
Willard, Simeon1851R1501
Williams, Samuel1870C0107
Williams, Walter1856C0108
Wood, Sarepta (Whitaker)18251912C1103w/o Lorenzo D Wood
Woodward, Abbie (Hadley)18361904L0507w/o Oliver H. Woodward
Woodward, Ebenezer1880L0501
Woodward, Eugene18651895L0506s/o Oliver and Abbie Woodward
Woodward, Lauriston1915L0503
Woodward, Oliver18371922L0507h/o Abbie (Hadley) Woodward
Woodward, Vodisa (Hodgeman)1893L0502w/o Ebenezer H. Woodward

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