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Hartland people who are not buried in one of the official cemeteries are listed here. This includes people who were born in Hartland or lived there but are buried someplace else.

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Other Cemetery Directory

There are 36 stones in this directory.

, s/o Edgar & Lucy Ainsorth Spear
Annes, Ezra17961857
Ashley, Emery1859s/o Ames/Amos and Naomi Ashley
Back, Easty1788h/o Sally Stafford
Bagley, Charles17991864s/o Orlando and Dorcas (Sargent) Bagley
Barber, Charles18761895
Bates, Lucy1859d/o James C Bates
Bedell, Robert19452004s/o Bernard B. and Beatrice (Temple) Bedel
Blood, Gordon18242006s/o Leon Sanford and Clare Clementine (Cleveland) Blood
Bryant, Herman1885h/o Viola English
Darling, Jason17961864s/o Seth and Chloe Darling. h/o Nancy (Macy) Darling
Darling, Smith17871871s/o Seth and Chloe Darling
English, Viola1853w/o Herman Bryant
Flower, James18431924s/o Ahira and Eliza (Barrell) Flower
Gilson, Allen18431929s/o Hiram and Mary Gilson, h/o Clara P. Davis
Guillette, Robert19302013h/o Marjorie E. (Downing)
Hadley, James18711921s/o Rev. Wells and Harriet L. (Bennett) Hadley
Hadley, Wells18381917h/o Harriet L. (Hattie) (Bennett) Hadley
Hadley, Wells18791933s/o Rev. Wells and Harriet L. (Bennett) Hadley
Holt, Almira (Cleveland)18081857w/o Hiram Holt
Huntoon, Clarissa (Hoadley)d/o William and Lydia Hoadley
Jenne, Seth18201877s/o Seth A. Jenne and Achsa Hathaway
Jewett, Azubah (Miller)18061889w/o Eleazer Jewett
Kribstock, Chester18131963h/o Lettie Adams Kribstock
Lamphere, Edith (Wood)19081991w/o Clayton Lamphere
Loomis, Mehitable17981823
Loomis, Mehitable17981823
Munsel, Eleazer17961819s/o Daniel and Sally (Loomis) Munsell
Richards, Rowenna (Johnson)18101889w/o Erastus Richards
Shaw, Fanny (Lipscomb)17871860w/o Chrispus Shaw
Shortt, Sarah17891862w/o Syrenius Shortt
Spear, Arthurs/o Edgar Z& Lucy Ainsorth Spear
Spear, Roland19222005s/o Edwin and Kitty (Gates) Spear
Stevens, Julia (Bates)w/o Charles Stevens
Sumner, Benjamin18241895s/o William and Hannah (Bryant) Sumner
Wood, Blanche (Chase)18901954w/o Zenas T Wood