Hartland Cemeteries

Hartland has more than fourteen major cemeteries plus a few small family plots. This page lists the major cemeteries and links to the individual cemetery pages where you will find more information.

Where possible, there is a link to a map showing the location of each cemetery. We also have a Hartland map showing all of the cemeteries in Hartland, keyed to the ID numbers in the table below. Also available in PDF format.

The information on the Hartland cemeteries and the gravestones in them has been gathered by members of the Hartland Historical Society or contributed by others. We have tried to ensure the accuracy of the information, but you should verify all information before accepting it as fact.

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Location and Notes
Note: Unfortunately, this cemetery no longer exists. The current land owner had it removed. The remains were examined by UVM and reburied in the New Aldrich Cemetery.

Old cemetery information:

In a field a short distance north of a house on a dead end road off Town Farm Hill Road.

The farm that contains the cemetery was owned by Roy Kendall in 1907 when Byron Ruggles did a survey for the Hartland Historical Society. Map

Located off Town Road 32 Center of Town Road a few yards east of the junction of Advent Hill Rd. This is the site of the original center of the town of Hartland thus the name Center Cemetery. Map
2Cutts - Paddleford1773188710043.601090
Located on the North side of Clay Hill Road (T.R. 15)- 2 miles from US 5. Located beyond the North Hartland Dam this cemetery has a beautiful view to the east looking into New Hampshire. Map
7Densmore Hill1813191715043.567480
Located off T.R. 23 Densmore Hill Road, just north of intersection with Creampot Rd. Map
On private property off Hartland Hill Road near the Woodstock town line. Map
5Gallup - Dunbar43.581832
West side of Rt. 5 1 mi south of North Hartland Village. Map
8Gallup - Weed Road180019877143.565540
Located at T.R. 22 Weed Road. 100 yards east of the road. Watch for a narrow dirt lane. Map
Located on Northeast side of Hartland Hill Road at junction with Old Birch Road. Map
13Hartland Village176343.540872
Hartland Village Cemetery is located about 100 yds. east of Rt. 5 and 12 intersection (Three Corners), behind the Congregational Church. This is the largest of the Hartland cemeteries and faces south toward Mt. Ascutney. It was established in 1763 and today is managed and maintained by the “Hartland Cemetery Association”. There are many old stones directly behind and beside the church. Map
At the corner of Jenneville Road and French Hill Road. Full of wildflowers in the summer. This small cemetery is well maintained. Map
22New Aldrich43.546425
Cemetery relocated in 2013. Map
Hartland people who are not buried in one of the official cemeteries are listed here. This includes people who were born in Hartland or lived there but are buried someplace else. Map
West side of Rt. 5 close to the road north of Hartland. This cemetery is the site of the grave of Timothy Lull one of the very first settlers of Hartland. Map
9Quaker - Willard180018822143.559980
T.R. 18 Mace Hill Road on west side just north of junction with Cobb Hill Road up over a bank and behind a stone wall. A very small graveyard. Map
Just east of I91- 650 yards up a private road beyond the end of the town road. Nearly across from a large ledge face on the west side of I91 near a curve at the top of the hill going north out of North Hartland. Map
Walker cemetery is located about 300 yards off County Road on a side road (Walker Cemetery Road) and set back 60 yards from the road. It is surrounded by a beautiful stone wall and shaded by large maples.

There are many stones that are now just nubs. Some of these were recorded in earlier surveys, but many are not. Map

Weed cemetery is on the northeast side of T.R. 22 Weed Road. There are some steps with white railing leading to a gate into the cemetery. In 2002 some restoration was done on a number of gravestones. Map
Gravestones that may be in Hartland, but have not been confirmed are listed under this heading. Such gravestones might be from old directories, which could be incorrect, or from other sources. If you have information about any of the stones listed in this category, please contact the Hartland Historical Society. Map